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Is STRESS Robbing You of a Great Quality of Life? Your Brain Can Fix That!

Proven scientific techniques allow your brain the rest it needs by reaching various states of consciousness.

Clean the slate of the unimportant and learn how to reinforce the most valuable information for better memory and brainpower.

Exercise your brain in ways that will fortify it and give it endurance under extreme stress.

Regular users of BrainTap report that it:

  • Reduced or eliminated brain fog and negative mind chatter
  • Provided more energy
  • Promoted relaxation, which contributes to maintaining healthy sleep
  • Did away with unwanted habits and behaviors
  • Enhanced memory and focus
  • Improved quality of life

Whether you want to overcome stress eating or conquer a bad habit, instill a positive mindset, advance your career, master your sport, enhance your learning, get your body super fit or assist it in regaining the health you deserve, BrainTap is for you!

We Recommend BrainTap for Good Reason

Chiropractic Ann Arbor MI Brain TapThis technology enhances and improves the already powerful effects of the chiropractic adjustment. Research has shown that for 20 minutes following an adjustment, the brain is extremely open to make positive changes in its balance, function and neuroplasticity.

The best way to take advantage of this phenomenon is to have a BrainTap session immediately following your adjustment. The benefits are:

  • Better balance between the hemispheres of the brain
  • Better balance of brain waves among the beta, alpha and theta waves
  • Better balance between the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems
  • Better focus
  • Better memory
  • Less "brain-fog"
  • Improved heart rate and heart rate variability
  • Improved breathing patterns
  • Improved brain, nervous system and overall health

Today, we are faced with a new kind of stress never before seen in human history, and it's directly linked to our high-tech, overloaded lifestyles. Experts are calling it "super-stress," and the effects can be devastating, robbing you of the good health, energy, mental harmony and quality of life that are your birthright.

Why is Modern Stress So Perilous?

Your body is designed to be in a relaxed, healing state most of the time. These days, however, most people spend the better part of their day in a stress state called the fight-or-flight response.

Your brain copes with fight-or-flight by producing more of a high-intensity brain wave known as beta, and suppressing the more relaxed alpha and theta brain waves. Once your brain habituates to this new stress pattern, it becomes difficult for you to wind down. You may experience foggy thinking, poor memory, lack of motivation, negative self-talk, difficulty concentrating and low energy-all of which set the stage for unhealthy lifestyle habits such as stress-eating and smoking.

How Does BrainTap Technology Work?

BrainTap features harmonizing tones synchronized with gentle light pulses that travel through the ear meridians and the retina, sending direct signals to the brain and guiding you into deep relaxation. This innovative form of brainwave training is called frequency following response, and it provides maximum results in the least amount of time.

You simply slip on the BrainTap headset, start the audio and lower the visor, close your eyes and relax, You'll enjoy an empowering BrainTap Technology* (BTT) audio session that is strategically encoded to deliver the most productive power nap imaginable.


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