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What to Expect

We want all of our patients to feel immediately at home when they walk in the door. Since chiropractic care involves a series of visits, with each one building on the ones before, it’s important for you to feel comfortable right from the start.

Your First Visit to Our Practice

On your first visit to our office, our primary goal is to get to know you a little bit and to get the information we need to determine if we can help you. With that in mind, we listen, ask questions and do whatever exams might be necessary to locate the source of your health problem. If you’ve already completed your admitting paperwork, great! If not, we’ll take care of that then you’ll meet the doctor for your initial consultation.

Your Consultation

The purpose of your consultation with the doctor is to discuss the reason for your visit and your health goals and determine if chiropractic is likely to help you. If it looks promising, we’ll go to the next step, your examination.

Your Chiropractic Examination

We will perform a comprehensive spinal and nerve function examination. This exam includes any x-rays that may be needed to help reveal the cause of your problem. Don’t be alarmed, we use minimum-dose x-rays and take every precaution to assure your safety. Your first visit will typically take about 45-50 minutes.

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