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Delivering quality chiropractic care in Ann Arbor MI to the community since 1980.

Our Philosophy In Ann Arbor MI

Our philosophy of chiropractic is simple: The human body has within it an inborn or "innate intelligence" that controls and regulates every movement, sensation, and function of the body. This intelligence is communicated from the brain to every cell, tissue, organ, muscle, and bone in the body by the nervous system.

Spinal stresses, traumas, and injuries cause interferences in the normal function of the nervous system. This nerve interference reduces the ability of the body to fully express its innate intelligence. The result is pain, symptoms, and loss of health. Chiropractic removes this nerve interference so the innate intelligence can be expressed 100% and your body can heal itself. A nervous system free of interference helps you to live a long, healthy, vital, vibrant, pain-free life.

We know there is a better way to live…

The doctors of First Choice Chiropractic make it a mission to show their patients that there is a better and more natural way to health, which involves making better lifestyle decisions and maintaining better spinal and nervous system health. We are determined to give people hope.

It excites us when patients who have been through the "medical gauntlet": drugs, physical therapy, and even surgery, actually find their way into our office and get better! Once they feel better and are living pain-free and fully functional we urge them to share the message of chiropractic and continue with wellness chiropractic care to maintain that wonderful state of health and well-being.

Getting the most from Chiropractic care

The first thing a new patient will notice in our office is how thorough we are in terms of getting the information we need to determine if we can help them or not. Another thing that's a little different about First Choice Chiropractic is that we have a very objective, systematic way of determining exactly how much chiropractic care you need and how long you need it. There is very little guesswork.

Can chiropractic really help you?

We believe the question most new patients have on their minds is, "Can I have confidence in this doctor?" "Can he or she really help me?" Our answer to them would be that we've been successfully helping people very much like you with problems very much like yours, for a very long time (since 1980) and we have a lot of very happy clients. There's no reason you can't be successful too.

For answers to more frequently asked questions from our clients click HERE. The world needs chiropractic and we are determined to make sure it will always be available. Contact the doctor of choice amongst chiropractors in Ann Arbor MI and find out how First Choice Chiropractic can help you!

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